Huzzah! A new website!

Looks like I’m back at WordPress for good, folks.

I remember my first “website” I made when I was a kid. It was made on matmice, with a little blurb about me, my animu art and enough glitter-studded Photobucket GIFS to make someone’s eyes bleed right out of their sockets.

Needless to say, 2004 me was very proud of my new found skill of HTML/CSS coding. Thanks Neopets!

Fast foreword to roughly ten years and thankfully quite a bit has changed. I have my own fully funtioning website with it’s own domain name. It’s where I showcase my published work, some work that I’ve done for clients and my more personal endeavors.

I wish I could lie, but 2015 me wouldn’t be the same if 2004 me was too afraid to mess around and just create something. Even if it meant creating something completely horrible. Even if it meant steepness nights and wanting to smash my poor computer to bits out of pure unadulterated frustration.